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Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

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S. Carey - Fire-scene


Here are July to September’s postcards ready to go in the post to subscribers here there and everywhere.
If you’d like 6 postcards every spring, summer, autumn, winter delivered to your door for £25, subscribe here.


Here are July to September’s postcards ready to go in the post to subscribers here there and everywhere.

If you’d like 6 postcards every spring, summer, autumn, winter delivered to your door for £25, subscribe here.


Artworks Carved From Leaves by Lorenzo Manuel Duran

Combining art and nature, Spanish artist Lorenzo Manuel Duran uses a scalpel to create intricately designed silhouettes from leaves around his home. The very fine details that he has achieved here on the finished pieces are impressive to say the least, with miniscule segments and extremely thin lines crafted by the vital combination of technique and surgical blades.

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—D'SLOVE preview

01 Rainy Rainy   
Lyrics by D-LITE, Amon Hayashi / Composed by Mitsu.J / Arranged by Mitsu.J for Digz, Inc. Group

02 想い募って   
Lyrics by D-LITE, Sung Hwak Cho, Shoko Fujibayashi / Composed by DEE.P, Sung Hwak Cho / Arranged by DEE.P

03 SHUT UP   
Lyrics by G-DRAGON, Kenn Kato / Composed by Seung Cheon Ham, Uk Jin Kang, BIGTONE / Arranged by Seung Cheon Ham, Uk Jin Kang

04 二人?一人!!   
Lyrics by D-LITE, Kenn Kato / Composed by AiRPLAY, BIGTONE / Arranged by AiRPLAY

05 Dress   
Lyrics by D-LITE, Amon Hayashi / Composed by Mitsu.J / Arranged by Mitsu.J for Digz, Inc. Group

06 ウソボンダ (Try Smiling)
Lyrics by Young Min Ahn / Composed by Gyu Won Lee / Japanese Lyrics by Narumi Yamamoto / Arranged by Gyu Won Lee

07 醒めて、眠れ   
Lyrics by D-LITE, Kenn Kato / Composed by Seung Cheon Ham, Uk Jin Kang, AiRPLAY, Sung Hwak Cho / Arranged by Seung Cheon Ham, Uk Jin Kang, AiRPLAY

08 世界が終わっても   
Lyrics by D-LITE, RJ Project / Composed by Q, BIGTONE / Arranged by Q

09 ナルバキスン (Look at me, Gwisun)   
Lyrics by G-DRAGON, Kenichi Maeyamada / Composed by G-DRAGON, KUSH / Arranged by Jung Mook Kim

10 I LOVE YOU / D-LITE (from BIGBANG) feat. 葉加瀬太郎   
Lyrics & Composed by Yutaka Ozaki / Produced & Arranged by Seiji Kameda / Vocal : D-LITE / Violin : Taro Hakase

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Daesung (D-Lite). D’slove Tour. World Memorial Hall, Kobe, Japan. 19, 21 & 22 June 2014.

Liking Bigbang and the desire to watch their concerts have forced me to come out of my shell, to grow and to seek friendships across continents and oceans. By luck, I made friends. By virtue of the lovely VIP fandom, I managed to enjoy all 3 days of D’slove in Kobe. I will always be grateful.


19 June (Day 1)
It was apparent from the first song that Dae’s throat was in a bad condition. After the first 2 songs, he talked about his throat condition and promised an extra song (Hi No Ataru Sakamichi) during encore as a reward. I still do not see the logic of this but he wanted to sing and I was happy to watch, listen and cheer him on.

He seemed pretty nervous during the MC breaks and kept mispronouncing or stumbling over the Japanese words. He would act like he was frustrated with himself but the audience was forgiving so he could laugh it off and smile cutely afterwards (I really like his smile at times like this!)

It pained me to hear his voice breaking so often during this concert. I attended his 2013 solo tour (DLive) on 2 dates (March 2013 & June 2013) where he sang perfectly throughout both concerts. I know what he is capable of. Yet I found myself remembering his witty comments, his stage antics, his high energy performances and his emotional delivery of the songs more than his mistakes and shortcomings.

21 June (Day 2)
Dae found a sullen-looking boy in the first row. He tried really hard to make the boy smile. He referred to the boy as Ren-san instead of Ren-chan since the boy was so serious! He made a wordplay with Ren-san’s name and I had this explained to me by a VIP (there are really helpful VIPs who will explain things for you if you ask nicely ^^) - Dae said that since the boy’s name is Ren, his family is Ren-zoku (kazoku = family; renzoku = continuity). Each time Dae managed to make a wordplay or say something really witty, he would have this A-ha! smug face and I would want to smack him.

I noticed that his ad libs for the songs were different from Day 1, especially for Baby Don’t Cry. I guessed he changed them according to the mood during the songs and the condition of his voice (much better on Day 2!). It kept the songs fresh to the ears. He liked to breathe the last note into the mic before he ended the slow songs with a pained expression, chest heaving. I found this sexy and funny at the same time… I…. I need help.

Those hip swivels during Samete, Nemure in that perfectly fitted red suit were delicious and I was beside myself ugh. When he was not wearing the suit, he wore a silver biker jacket over a t-shirt with this pair of ripped jeans that will only get more threadbare as the tour continues, right? Right?! O_O He took off his t-shirt during encore to walk around in this tiny excuse for a tanktop and his muscles looked… yummy O<-<

He had this habit of laughing in embarrassment after doing something overtly sexy or cute. My heart barely made it through the assault.

I was extra giggly on this day because I was joined by another friend who was extra giddy. Funtimes.

22 June (Day 3)
I love Day 3 the most. The atmosphere was so warm <3

Dae liked to make a play of jumping during Joyful. He would say “jump” a few times and the audience would follow. He would then say “don’t jump”. For the previous 2 days, the audience missed the cue and jumped anyway but for Day 3, it was a success! Dae rewarded us with another round of Joyful. The energy level was at an all-time high! He also sang Fantastic Baby (the whole freaking song, unlike GDYB’s partial-song version >_>) twice because the audience asked for a second round. How sweet can he get?

Dae was such a tease on Day 3. He would start songs and stop them after the opening bars to retire to backstage with the dancers and band members, switching off all the lights as if ending the concert. Later, he started to take off his t-shirt (to reveal the comeback of the tiny tanktop!) then went backstage. Ahhh! We had to chant “Kang Daesung” on 3 occasions to get him back.

Since his hair was quite long, his fringe would fall over his forehead to cover his eyes. Now I’ve always had a thing for Daesung’s hair. It is always so shiny and bouncy and he likes to flip it around while he headbangs on stage ugh. His current hairstyle had him running his hands through his hair so often (someone counted 163 times) that I…

During Yume no Tsubomi, on a long note, he swept his hair back then slowly ran his fingers through the strands before letting them fall back. I…

…. …. …. sigh.

He had really long MC parts for this tour as compared to DLive. The recurring MC is about D’slove being a tour to thank all those who came for DLive in 2013. The tour schedule in 2013 was really exhausting (up to 4 concerts in a week!). He received so much strength from the audience when performing on stage and he could not put his happiness into words. He really could not, by the way. He was stuck on repeating certain words so he smiled and laughed cutely again! :3

The whole bit as reported by MShinju on twitter (so sweet! *sobs*):

In Kobe on June 22, Daesung talked very openly about how his first solo tour in Japan in 2013 made him grow as a singer.

Many of you know this already, but the tour schedule last year was quite tough. It was both physically and mentally exhausting. But because I received a lot of strength from all of you on stage I could give my best last year. 

The stage still makes me nervous. To me the stage is like a promise between me & my fans. So even if my voice fails me on that day, in order to fulfil that promise, I face it with courage just like today. That’s why I don’t think that I am singing on my own on when I’m on stage but together with all of you here. For example with the performance of my band, and feeling the heart of all of you (VIP), this moment is more sacred to me than any treasure. I want to create many, many more moments like this together with all of you.

Soon it will be my 10th year as a singer and I’ve been thinking a lot about this profession. One of its good points is that all of these moments can be relived through pictures and videos. So even if sometimes we are stressed and exhausted and forget them, I wish to become like an old friend who welcomes you back with an unchanging smile, someone who no matter how far is always by your side.

To be honest, last year there were several days like today where my voice would fail me. Last year my confidence would leave me immediately and I wouldn’t be able to sing any song afterwards well. I wasn’t mentally strong enough. But the more it happened no matter how hard it was, it brought me where I am now. Thinking back, it was all thanks to your kind support. Thank you. So like today, even though the beginning wasn’t that good I overcame it by fooling around (awkward laugh) and this way it still can turn out to be a fun concert. I came to realize this thanks to you.

I also want to thank my band for going through a lot with me. As I said before, my throat is weak. Out of 365 days my voice fails me on 360. It must have been tough for my band. A big applause to them please!

I am lacking in many things, so to all of you (VIP) who believe in me and accompanied me on my way here, enjoyed the time together with me, let us return a big applause! (puts on cool face) (claps loudly)

His impromptu MCs and interactions with the audience were the best! They were so natural. They made the audience (me!) feel like he was having a conversation amongst friends with us. It was a very special feeling. MCs from Day 3 were particularly golden -

Translated and reported by MShinju on twitter:

A particularly funny Japanese struggle was when he said the word “characteristic (of his concerts)” (tokucho) slightly wrong (tokujo). 
D: One of the tokujo.. tokujo.. am I saying it right?

D: …? tokujo..?
D: Tocho?
D: It’s really hard to hear what you say here on stage.. All right! (points to teleprompter) 특징 (Korean for tokucho) please!
D: 특징 please! …some staff who speaks Korean! 특징 in Japanese! …(reads) tokucho.
D: I said that at the beginning!!

Translated and reported by susifg on twitter:

I love the way Daesung interacts w/ the audience, so naturally. When he struggles w/ his Japanese he just asks VIPs what the right word is. It was particularly funny today when he wanted to say silver (gin) but kept saying gold (kin). All the fans screaming “gin!” at him XD

He also talked about his silver biker jacket in a clever trick to take a breather. He was really wiggling a lot XD and shaking the fringes on the jacket. As reported by MShinju on twitter:

During the MC where Daesung usually takes a 15 sec break with spotlights out (and snoring), today he took a different approach.

D: For the flow of the concert, this MC is actually totally unnecessary. I inserted it just because I want to take a break. You want to take a break too, right?
VIP: (awkward silence)
D: …2nd&3rd floor, you want to take a break too, right?
VIP: Nope!
D: (towards random quiet male fan in 1st row) But you want to take a break, right?
Fan: No…
D: Oh, you don’t… Then I’m in trouble! In the other concerts I always took a 15 sec break at this point, but… since today nobody wants to take a break with me, I’ll move to the next song WITHOUT taking any break!!
VIP: (cheer)
D: …(turns toward large screen on stage) (starts shaking his jacket) This is the special point of this jacket! (silver threads on back of jacket flow through air)
He got quite into it and made lots of funny moves to show the jacket off  always accompanied by VIP’s “uuuuuhhh!!” 
D: Thank you! Now I had a break over 15 sec!


At the end of this super long entry now. I just wanted to write all the memories and thoughts down. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. D’slove 2014 was vastly different from DLive 2013. Last year, he was showcasing his ability to perform an entertaining full-length concert on his own. This year, that has been established so he was more comfortable with the audience. It felt like he trusted the audience more so instead of holding back and only showing certain (cool/fun) sides of him, we are getting insights into the real Daesung - the artist who loves to perform on stage and the person who can get tired and really needs breaks in between songs to have a sip of water or to wipe his sweat or to just talk to you to express his heartfelt thanks.

Rufus - Desert Night (James Curd remix)

Julien Doré


Julien Doré - Paris-Seychelles

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