A Pop of Colour

Jinhwan, Junhoe & Hongseok - I Want You (Luke James cover)
Mix & Match Ep. 4

Junhoe ya~~~

Woodkid - Run Boy Run

Team B - 기다려 (Wait For Me)


Korean number song so cuuuuute!~

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance


Ann Marie Bone

Artist on Tumblr | Facebook | on deviantART

Ann Marie Bone is a freelance artist / painter with a passion for vibrant colours. She paints mainly in oils and acrylic on canvas, in a wide variety of sizes but she also paints in watercolours and does pencil drawings. If you love landscape illustrations … make sure to scroll through.

© All images courtesy of the artist

Daesung says Annyeong!

Just because. Hehehe.



This month is BIGBANG’s 8th anniversary AND I said I’d hold a giveaway when I reach 1K so here it is!

To celebrate, I’ll be holding two separate giveaways.


Open to everyone!

ONE person will win all of the items shown above! THIS INCLUDES: 1 tshirt (size L), 1 cheering towel, 1 double sided reusable bag, 1 version 4 lightstick (black), 1 SINCE 2007 Album.
~tshirt, towel, and bag are designed by me~

I will ship them worldwide

You don’t have to follow me. But it would be cool if you did~

♥  NO giveaway blogs please!! I’ll check!

Do not delete the rules.

♥  Liking the post will count as an entry, and you may reblog a maximum of 5 times. Be mindful of your followers~

Giveaway will last 30 days (August 12th 5pm EST to September 10th 5 pm EST)

I’ll choose the winners via a number generator after it closes on September 10th.


♥ ONLY open to my first 1,000 followers.

I will select three random numbers with a number generator, and message you. (EX: If the number is 70, I will message my 70th follower) The first person to respond will have first pick of the 3 boxes above. Second response has second choice, and third will be given the last box.

A secret surprise is hidden in each box! You will win a surprise gift based on the box you’ve chosen ^^

Liking and reblogging don’t count for this, it’s just a random game!

I will ship your prize worldwide

You are also welcome to enter the first giveaway as well!

Good luck!!
Thank you to all who enter  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Metric - Help I’m Alive